Preparing to Host Students

Hosting Students

  • Decide what you want. There are crucial differences between students serving as Academic Interns or Service Learners. Academic Interns focus on professional development for their academic major and career, with a faculty member overseeing the experience. Service Learners operate from a class of students engaging with the community and reflecting on their experience. This keeps the community needs and the student learning a reciprocal experience.
  • Develop clear, well considered Position Descriptions to recruit students, promote your opportunities and outline expectations.
  • Provide a safe and welcoming experience for students. Students come from unique backgrounds, with varying levels of professional experience.
  • Ask Faculty for their course syllabus and offer to attend classes to share information about your organization. The syllabus is useful for creating learning objective and reflective questions for students. Share your own resources and expertise with students.
  • Consider if your organization can provide support for student expenses for LiveScans, TB tests, immunizations and other procedures required to serve.
  • Consider short-term or long-term projects that can be finished in a semester or carried over from one semester to the next.
  • Maximize your benefits by hosting a team of Service Learning students and simplify communication efforts by designating a student team leader to communicate questions and progress.
  • Work with your agency, staff and community to cultivate an environment that welcomes and supports unclusivity and diversity. Learn more about best practices here:

Community Cultural Wealth and Multiple Dimensions of Identity

Inclusivity Tips

Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion (JEDI) Resources

These resources are designed to assist organizations who recruit at Humboldt in creating an environment where students from diverse backgrounds can thrive at their organizations. We hope to help you answer the question “what does it take to recruit and retain individuals from diverse backgrounds to work at our company?” Our goal is to meet you wherever your organization may be in creating a more diverse workforce and a more just working environment for all employees. We hope that these resources will help you recognize your own implicit biases and help you understand how to navigate JEDI in your workplace.