Engage Students In Your Courses Through Community-Based Learning

The Center for Community Based Learning (CCBL) works with faculty and community partner agencies to develop learning opportunities for students in support of Service Learning and Academic Internship courses.

Benefits for faculty participating in Community Based Learning:
  • High-impact practice that contributes to retention and graduation rates.
  • Increased student engagement with course curriculum.
  • Enriched student learning objectives and real world context.
  • Stronger connections to the community.
  • Opportunities for scholarships.
  • Participation in a community of scholars.
Our Support Services for Faculty Include:
 1.  Course Design for Service Learning and Academic Internships:
  • Implementation of best practices
  • Syllabus design
  • Articles and readings
  • Assignments and classroom activities
  • Assessment
  • Community partner selection
  • Formal course designation
  • Risk management procedures
 2.  Classroom Visits and Presentations:
  • Community partner information
  • Placement etiqutte
  • hS4u Support and Risk management processes
  • Service readiness and reflection exercises
 3.  Research and Scholarship:
  • Partnership in scholarship and publications
  • Gathering relevant sources 
  • Assistance conducting research
  • Scholarship and publishing
 4.  Retention, Tenure, Promotion and Professional Development:
  • Letters of support for faculty files
  • Faculty Development Workshops
  • Conference opportunities and affliated associations
  • Opportunities to present and conduct workshops
  • Service opportunities through related committees
  • Letters for support for assigned time applications
  • Assistance with related grants

Getting Started 

Let us help promote, build and support your courses and connect your students with local community partners.

For more information and support, please contact Center for Community Based Learning staff at ccbl@humboldt.edu.