College Corps

Humboldt #CaliforniansForAll College Corps Fellowship

A Partnership between Cal Poly Humboldt and College of the Redwoods
Pathways to Serve Our Communities

The #CaliforniansForAll College Corps program is a service fellowship that provides students with college funding while engaging them in community problem-solving in the fields of education, climate action, and food insecurity.

Eligible students will receive $10,000 toward their education in exchange for completing 450 hours of service over the course of the academic year. We are proud to include AB 540 CA Dream Act Students.

Join College Corps to make community service a core part of your college experience and prepare for your future career as you grow into a wise, honorable, and cultivated citizen.

This Initiative Has 3 Main Goals:

  1. Create a generation of civic-minded leaders with the ability to bridge divides and solve problems.

  2. Help low-income students graduate college on time and with less debt.

  3. Address societal challenges and help build more equitable communities across California.


  • Fellow - Current, undergraduate students at either Cal Poly Humboldt or College of the Redwoods. 
  • Community Partner - Non-profit or governmental organization with a focus on K-12, Climate Action, or Food Insecurity.

For More Information Contact Us:

Please reach out to our Program's Staff with any questions about Humboldt College Corps.