Community Partners

What are Community Partners?

Community Partners are the hosts and co-educators for Humboldt students seeking community-based learning experiences for course credit. The Humboldt Center for Community Based Learning (CCBL) works with Community Partner agencies to approve and develop learning opportunities for students from over 50 Humboldt Service Learning and Academic Internship courses. Hundreds of regional and national nonprofit, private sector, school, and governmental agencies are approved to host Humboldt students in service placements from these courses, with new organizations approved each semester.

Why should I consider hosting students from Service Learning and Academic Internship courses?

Humboldt Students can bring energy, enthusiasm, diversity and new perspectives to your agency, whether they are serving your clients, plugged into your existing volunteer programs, or working on a special project. Meanwhile, as Co-Educators, you will be also providing important professional learning experiences and mentoring for students, while also potentially cultivating future stakeholders in your organization and the community. Please contact our office to learn more about benefits and CCBL services for Community Partners.

How can I get started?

CCBL staff is available to discuss your service ideas and needs, check on whether your agency is an approved "Learning Site" to host Humboldt students from these courses, and explain Humboldt requirements. Although faculty or students might approach you directly to be considered for a Service Learning or Academic Internship course placement, you can jump-start the process by contacting the CCBL. We can work with you directly and then share your opportunities with faculty and students.

Additionally, we invite agencies to contact our office to receive email invitations to the following:
  • The Humboldt Fall Volunteer Fair (August), and the Humboldt Spring Career & Volunteer Expo (February), provide an opportunity for community agencies to share your service opportunities with Humboldt students. These events are also a great way to meet faculty and students involved with Service Learning and Academic Internships courses.
  • Join our Community Partner Brown Bag meetings held each semester to learn best practices and network with other community agency staff hosting Humboldt students from these courses; faculty and students might also attend, depending on the topic.
  • We also send occasional invitations to agencies to consider hosting students from newly developing Service Learning and Academic Internship courses.
Finally, be sure to check out helpful resources on this website for agencies planning to host Humboldt students from Service Learning and Academic Internship courses, or arrange a one-on-one site visit to learn more...

For more information and support, please contact the Community Partner Coordinator at the Center for Community Based Learning, Stacy Becker, (707) 826-4963,