Where classroom and community meet...

Every year HSU students engage in community programs and services through Service Learning and Academic Internship courses, as they apply their classroom studies to real community experiences and issues. The HSU Center for Community Based Learning supports the students and faculty involved in these courses, while coordinating hundreds of approved community learning sites, many of which are located right here in Humboldt County. Whether you are a student, a community member, or faculty on campus, we invite you to join the exciting work of these partnerships. 

What is the difference between Service Learning and Academic Internship courses?

Service Learning is a whole class experience in which all students connect academic coursework and reflection activities with required service to address community-defined needs. Students may serve individually at partner agencies, as teams, or even whole classes matched with one partner. Service Learning promotes reciprocity – all parties share responsibility and gain benefits. Each student typically conducts 25-30 hours of service.

In an Academic Internship, faculty provides academic guidance and oversight to individual students and community partner provides supervision and practical experience. The emphasis is on the student’s academic, professional and personal development; organizational goals may also be met. Students typically conduct 60+ hours of service at one site. 

Promoting HSU’s vision to serve students “who seek above all else to improve the human condition and environment.”

The Center for Community Based Learning staff provides tools and assistance for students, faculty, and community partners to support these programs.