Curriculum and Activities

Curriculum and Activities

(In Process - Please feel free to reach out if you'd like draft versions of this curriculum).

Orientation Reflection Culminating Activities The Critical LENS
Intro to Service Learning Reading Comprehensive List of Reflection Ideas Academic Posters (IdeaFest) Deconstructing Service Learning
What is Service Impact Mapping Digital Story Telling Positionality Reflection
Serving in Humboldt County Student Learning Outcomes Publishing Deep vs. Shallow Service
8 Essential Elements Activity Letter to Self Reflection Essays Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inequality
Writing Your Position Description   Presentations   


Articles and Research

(Please Contact us for any of the following articles or access to our Google Drive).

Intro to Service Learning Pedagogy - Rice Traditional Vs. Critical Service Learning  - Mitchell Service Learning - Dismantling a Pedagogy for Whitenss - Mitchell
What are Service Learning and Civic Engagement - Cress How Service Learning Enacts Social Justice Sensemaking - Mitchell  
Preparing Students for Effective Service Learning - Rice    


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