ConnectED (K-12 Partnerships)

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Humboldt ConnectED - Partnering with our local schools

ConnectED is an Humboldt initiative in collaboration with the Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE) to support local educators through programming to virtually connect Humboldt and K-12 students. This effort is organized through the Center for Community Based Learning (CCBL), Youth Educational Services (Y.E.S.), Early Outreach Admissions and Humboldt academic departments.
In the wake of pandemic closures, instructors from Kindergarten to College have been scrambling to develop quality online educational experiences for their students. ConnectED provides opportunities for Humboldt students and faculty to engage in experiential learning practices, and for K-12 students and instructors to receive enriched learning experiences. 
Humboldt students and faculty from community-based learning courses will offer assistance to K-12 teachers and classrooms in the following ways:
  1. Pen Pal Program: [] Humboldt students will participate in letter-writing experiences, initially with 5th grade classes. Letters provide an opportunity for K-12 students to improve communication skills while also learning about the college experience. Opportunities will be available in partnership with Youth Educational Services (Y.E.S.) programs, and academic courses such as Art Education, Environmental Science and Management, etc.
  1. Curricular Program: Students from community-based learning courses support K-12 instructors by creating discipline-specific curricular materials such as educational videos, class activities and lesson plans, including virtual presentations. Check out the following curricular offerings created by Humboldt students for K-12 classes:
  • ​  - created by Environmental Science & Management 450 Applied Environmental Education and Interpretation students Amelia Towse, Samantha Mariscal, Sarah Feyers, Emily Ortzow for middle school students. Compares tide charts with phases of the moon to learn about the moon's effects on tides; provides a Pen Pal prompt.
  • - created by Environmental Science & Management 450 Applied Environmental Education and Interpretation students Charlotte Maupin, Isabelle Otillio, Mayra Guzman, Natalie Rynne, Lauryn Blottin for middle school students. Shares information on Air Quality Index (AQI), while providing meditation prompts for dealing anxieties arising from wildfire and pollution events.
  1. Additionally, HCOE has developed a new Career Speaker Series and Directory to recruit speakers for high school and college classes on career skills and field expertise. Humboldt students and faculty may create and offer a presentation through this venue; they may also access speakers through the Directory for Humboldt course enriched learning.  
    1. To access the Speaker Directory to invite speakers into your class: under construction
    2. If you are interested in becoming a distance learning guests in classes this fall, here is the volunteer sign up form: 
For more information, please contact Stacy Becker at the Center for Community Based Learning, at, or Molly Pucillo at Early Outreach Admissions,